Why HR & Payroll it’s Important?

Payroll and Human resource information systems provide a means of acquiring, storing, analyzing and distributing information to various stakeholders.HRIS enable improvement in traditional processes and enhance strategic decision-making.The wave of technological advancement has revolutionized each and every space of life today, and HR in its entirety was not left untouched.

Early systems were narrow in scope, typically focused on a single task, such as improving the payroll process or tracking employees’ work hours.Today’s systems cover the full spectrum of tasks associated with human resources departments, including tracking and improving process efficiency, managing organizational hierarchy, and simplifying financial transactions of all types.

In short, as the role of human resources departments expanded in complexity, HR technology systems evolved to fit these needs.


Payroll Outsourcing

“Just relax and focus on your business, we will take care of your Payroll calculation & processing”

Payroll Review

“Review withholding tax art.21 calculation of your payroll data”


Talent Acquisition

“Let us hunt the best candidates for you, just relax and focus on your business”

Candidate Interview

“We understand your time is very precious, leave the candidate interview business to us”

Ada Yang Dapat Kami Bantu?

Ada Yang Dapat Kami Bantu